Exterior Detail

starting at $139

Thorough hand wash
Bug removal
Wheel well, wheel and tires cleaned. Tires dressed.
Clay bar decontamination treatment for paint.
Protection applied to painted surfaces.

Interior Detail

starting at $199

Vacuum seats, carpet and truck/cargo area.
Clean and dress dash, instruments, trim and door panels.
Clean all cloth or leather surfaces.
Condition Leather if applicable.

Additional services maybe recommend after the vehicle inspection.

Paint Correction Services

starting at $200

Enhancement Polish

Great service for those daily drivers. Removal of light marring and minor scratches. Restores gloss and shine to paint.

Two Step Polish

on-site vehicle inspection is required before quoting

In depth paint correction to remove 90% of swirls and scratches that can safely be removed. Brings your paint to a like new level. An onsite vehicle inspection must be completed with client present prior to scheduling this service. Not all defects can be safely removed.