Exterior Services

No matter which protection you choose, the process starts the same every time. There are no shortcuts to our exterior decontamination process. Professional detailing includes these industry standards for vehicle exterior care. Once these processes are completed your paint is clean and ready for a new layer of protection.

  • Multi-step wash for large contaminant removal.
  • Tire and wheel cleaning.
  • Another wash process to remove oils and road film from the paint.
  • Bug and Tar removal.
  • Chemical application and wash to remove embedded brake dust from the paint and wheels. This is an important step to prevent future surface rust.
  • Clay treatment to remove contaminates embedded in the paint that you often cannot see. This helps paint feel much smoother again.

Ceramic Sealant
6 months protection

  • Our 6-month maintenance solution will outlast any wax. This protection will help prevent bonding of contamination such as hard water deposits, bug splatter and other airborne contamination.  This creates a super slick surface for easy cleaning.
  • Includes Decontamination Wash.


Ceramic Coatings.

Our coating packages include the following:

  • Exterior decontamination and a minimum of one step paint enhancement polish. More extensive paint restoration may be required depending on vehicle condition and coating applied.
  • Access to our discounted rate maintenance plans. 
  • Discounted post-winter decontamination wash for road salt removal.
  • Coating care sheet, featuring advice and care recommendations.
  • Endless support and questions answered. We are here to serve you and make sure your investment is well taken care of.


Why choose a ceramic coating to protect your vehicle?

  • Provides more gloss and shine than factory paint.
  • Much longer protection than a traditional wax or sealant.
  • Greater chemical resistance to bug splatter and bird droppings.
  • A very hydrophobic surface giving your vehicle self-cleaning ability to keep it looking cleaner, longer.
  • Just detailed look after every wash.
  • No need to wax your vehicle for the life of the coating.
  • Harder exterior surface for better scratch resistance.
  • 2-3 years of protection, making it a great option for lease vehicles.
  • For those not looking for long term products we offer entry-level ceramic coating at a lower price point. These coatings provide excellent protection and have an in-house performance guarantee.


Opti-Coat Pro+ – Starting at $1,499
  • Life-time protection. 
  • Best option for those who plan to own their vehicle for 4 years or more. 


Opti-Coat Pro Plus Ceramic Clear Coating

Opti-Coat Pro Plus delivers More Gloss & Greater Protection!

The Opti-Coat Pro Plus Ceramic Paint Protection package now delivers even more gloss and slickness than ever before, while still maintaining the same chemical structure that has made it renowned as the ultimate protective paint coating.

The advanced formulation not only delivers amazing gloss and protection, it also provides increased anti water spotting and hydrophobic properties to maintain the perfect finish in the long term.

Opti-Coat Pro Plus is an enhanced 2 step version of Opti-Coat Pro. The first step, Opti-Coat Pro, is a ceramic clear coating with superior resistance to scratching, chemical etching, fading due to UV and provides outstanding release properties. Opti-Coat Pro Plus adds great gloss and slickness for a fantastic shine and long-term paint protection.

What Makes Opti-Coat Pro Plus So Different?

Opti-Coat Pro+ is not a paint protection wax, sealant or nano coating that will wash away, or break down over time. Opti-Coat bonds permanently with the factory coating, protecting the surface indefinitely and will not delaminate.

A single layer of Optimum Clear Coating measures up to 2 microns in thickness. When compared to other paint protection products, Opti-Coat Pro is more than 100 times thicker, with tests showing a wax coating measuring less than 0.02 microns.

This allows Opti-Coat Pro to effectively absorb damage that would otherwise affect the factory paint layers. Swirl marks and light scratches are not only decreased by the harder Optimum Ceramic Coating, the factory paint is protected and preserved.

Opti-Coat Pro+ is completely resistant to acidic environmental substances such as bird lime (bird droppings). Unlike your factory clear coating that can be permanently damaged, Opti-Coat will not etch or dissolve when in contact with these substances, and a clean, glossy clear coating is maintained.


Entry Level Coating
Starting at $599.00

Glass Windshield Coating
Starting $149.00

  • Glass Pro Coating is designed to chemically bond to silica-based surfaces to form a hydrophobic film that provides long term protection to glass and other silica-based surfaces. Opti-Glass Pro promotes safety by increasing visibility during inclement weather driving. additionally, it will increase chip resistance, scratch and mar resistance and protect from water staining.


Maintenance Detailing Options.

These services are reserved for our Coating clients. To qualify you need to have the exterior of your vehicle coated for these discounted services.



Monthly Exterior wash. Consultation required; price based upon vehicle size. 

 With this service we will keep your exterior looking just like the day it was coated. 



  • Monthly maintenance wash.
  • Winter months – undercarriage wash for road salt removal.
  • Post-winter full decontamination wash for road salt mineral deposit removal from the coating.


Paint Correction Services.

  • Enhancement Polish. Starting at $200
  • Great service for those daily drivers. Removal of light marring and minor scratches. Restores gloss and shine to paint.


Two Step Polish. Starting at $500

    • In depth paint correction to remove 90% of swirls and scratches that can safely be removed. Brings your paint to a like new level. An onsite vehicle inspection must be completed with client present prior to scheduling this service. Not all defects can be safely removed.