How do we help our clients maintain the value and appearance of their vehicles? It starts with our desire to provide the industry leading automotive protection and continuing our education to understand best practices for today’s vehicle’s paint systems. We’re always looking for ways to improve our operations, always challenging ourselves to provide a great customer experience, and always improving each day in everything we do.


At SS Auto Detailing, we believe that automotive detailing is not one size fits all. Every vehicle’s protection needs, client desired results, and budget are unique. We work with our clients to design a protection plan to enhance your vehicle’s protection, hold the value of the vehicle, and reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining the appearance of your vehicle. We use certified professional grade products to ensure your vehicle’s appearance will be sustained for years to come.


What started as a household Saturday chore in 1965 turned into a passion for having the best looking, well protected vehicles possible. This love of having detailed, clean vehicles continued to grow over the years and was passed down from father to son. Having a love and pride for vehicle appearance maintenance and a desire to help others drove us to start our company. Officially founded in the Spring of 2017, SS Auto Detailing, LLC quickly grew to two home-based locations, we soon realized to give our clients the best results possible and shorter lead times we needed to expand. In September 2019 we opened our new shop and store front located at 501 North Eastern Avenue, St. Henry, OH 45883.